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The Magic Booster P6K Static is a special focal reducer lens designed to work with the Blackamgic Pocket 6K camera (NO Pro - NO G2).
It has the same optical elements as the Dynamic version, so it has the same image quality.
The Magic Booster P6K STATIC is an "All in one" lens, this solution consists of a single body that contains all the optical elements including the IR filter.

technical features:

- Crop 1.2

- 1 stop light more

- Shallower DOF

- Full Frame look

Unlike the Dynamic version this version has the disadvantage of being a semi-permanent modification, this means that the focal reducer can only be removed by uninstalling it, moreover, it may not obtain infinite focus on very wide and non-wide angle lenses. it can mount all the special plug-in filters, built specifically for the Dynamic version.
However, to date, there are no reports of lenses that have lost infinty focus.



The installation requires removal the original IR filter, this can invalidate the warranty of the camera.

We recommend that you rely on a specialized technician for the installation of our products.

Camera are not included.

Not compatible with Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro.



Magic Booster® P6K Static

€449.00 Regular Price
€249.90Sale Price
  • We offer full refund and 14 day return is accepted for EU customers.

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