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The Magic Booster Pocket 6K G2 is a special lens built to be installed inside the Blacmagic Design Pocket 6K G2 camera (NO Pro).

It is inserted inside the camera leaving all the original camera functions unaltered.

Technical features:

- Crop 1.18

- 1 stop light more

- Shallower DOF

- Full Frame Look

- OLPF Hoya CD-5000 filter integrated
- Possibility to mount the special filters drop-in in front of the Magic Booster, inserting them in a path of light, obtaining a great advantage in terms of optical quality and the possibility of using a single filter for all lenses.



The installation of the product requires the removal of the original IR filter, this can invalidate the warranty of the camera.

We recommend that you rely on a specialized technician for the installation of our products.

Camera and filters are not included.

Not compatible with Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro.

Magic Booster Pocket 6K G2

€649.00 Regular Price
€454.30Sale Price
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