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The best Speed Booster for your Blackmagic Camera

We design and create special focal reducer lenses, also known as Speed Boosters, for professional cameras of the Blackmagic Design Line.  Find out the best Lenses for your Blackmagic Camera.

Ursa Mini Pro 12K

Ursa Mini Pro G1/G2

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Magic Booster® P6K Static


magicbooster camera p6k static

Lenses for Blackmagic Cameras

Our products are customized according to your needs, they are suitable for different models of Blackmagic Cameras, in particular our Best Sellers are:

Magic Booster P6K Dynamic - suitable for the video camera Pocket 6K

Magic Booster Pro 12K - suitable for Ursa Mini Pro G1 - G2 and for ​​Ursa Mini Pro 12K

Discover the Benefits of our Magic Booster

  • Shallow DOF

  • Increase the amount of light by one stop

  • Transformation of the appearance of the camera with APS-C sensor making it more similar to a Full Frame, leaving all the original functions unchanged

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Unique, original and personalized products

Direct contact with the customer

24/7 after-sales customer support

Four successfully funded crowdfundings

Magic Booster 12k Speed Booster

About LucAdapters

Born in 2017, we have the entire production line in Italy.

We deliver worldwide via DHL express courier.
Production times vary from 1 to 5 days depending on the product purchased. Delivery times are on average 1 day for National shipments, 3 days for Europe and the United Arab Emirates, 5 days for the United States and Canada, 9 days for Asia and Australia.

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Excellent products (6K Dynamic and 12K). Good communication, answers questions in a timely manner (remember they’re in Italy, so there may be a time difference). Ships fast and packaged perfectly. You can trust their products and customer service!


Wanted to send a big shout out and thank you, just got my magic booster and all I can say is I'm really impressed from start to finish. The install process was easier than I expected, honestly, if you know how to change a lens filter, and screw in small screws, you can do this.

Came in a surprisingly nice case, the tools were all very nicely provided, and the step by step process went really smooth.


Anybody with an Ursa Mini should consider getting yourself a Lucadapter. We all know the Ursa is a great camera but when it comes to low light it needs all the help it can get. Additionally the crop factor on its sensor is something you’re not truly aware of until you get the adapter and see the difference. 

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